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Hui Xin'an, Secretary of Weifang Municipal Party committee, made a special trip to Changda group to
On the morning of March 15, 2020, Hui Xin'an, Secretary of the Weifang Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, made a special trip to Changda Group to visit and sympathize with representatives of the construction aid personnel who assisted in the construction of a hospital in Shandong and had a discussion with everyone.  The municipal party committee and the municipal government also participated in the condolences activities. Liu Jianguo, member of the municipal party committee and executive deputy mayor, Tian Minli, deputy mayor, Song Lijun, deputy secretary-general of the municipal party committee and office director, and Lu Yaoliang, deputy secretary-general of the municipal party committee and director of the research office.  Cui Huadong, a member of the party group and deputy director (assistance construction leader), attended the event.
Representatives of senior management and construction assistance personnel of Changda Group participating in the event include Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Pengqiang, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager Zhu Jiuzhou, Deputy General Manager and Deputy Construction Aid Team Leader Yan Peng, and Production Safety Manager Zhang Yedong, Sanjian Company  The manager Xiang Youpeng, the manager of the Mechanized Construction Company Zhang Wanling, the party branch secretary and deputy manager Wang Haitao, and the deputy manager of the Second Decorative Curtain Wall Company Chen Peng.
Hui Xin'an said that when I came to Changda Construction Group today, I mainly visited the comrades who assisted in the construction. On behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, I would like to express our high respect and heartfelt thanks to the comrades, and to express our respect and heartfelt thanks to our Changda Group for helping our city in a special period.  We are very grateful for our efforts in epidemic prevention!  He pointed out that since the outbreak, we have conscientiously implemented General Secretary Jinping’s important speech and important instructions on epidemic prevention and control. Especially after the outbreak in a certain place in Shandong, we received a notice from the provincial party committee and our city leaders chose Chang after discussion.  At a special time, Changda overcame the psychological, ideological, physical, technical, and environmental difficulties and took on this task very resolutely. The story of the aid construction is very touching. The whole city has seriously completed the tasks assigned by the province.  Is satisfied.
Secretary Hui Xin'an spoke highly of Changda Group in the first person: We Changda is the foundation of an old state-owned enterprise, and the mechanism of the new system. I think we have our own unique advantages in terms of production and operation, team management, and personnel absorption.  Changda was established in 1949 at the same age as the Republic, and is relatively older among Weifang enterprises. We have the experience of state-owned enterprises and lead the mechanism after reform. Therefore, Changda has also demonstrated its level in all aspects in the market competition.  Changda has played a very good role in Weifang City and related industries, especially in Weifang City’s emergency, difficult, dangerous, and heavy tasks, assisting Sichuan, Tibet, and foreign countries.  This is true for the Qima typhoon, epidemic prevention and control... etc.  Changda Group has strong strength, hard work style and good quality.  The leaders of the Changda Group are like workers, and the workers are like soldiers.  The Changda Group's team is tough.  Changda faces difficulties, and Changda faces no difficulties.  The construction of a high-quality city in Weifang is actively advancing, and it is hoped that Changda Group can take on heavier tasks and assume heavier responsibilities.  At present, although the level of epidemic prevention and control in Shandong Province has been lowered, the task of epidemic prevention and control is still very arduous. I hope that Changda will continue to shoulder political responsibilities, carry forward the spirit of responsibility, and earnestly adhere to the various rules and regulations during the epidemic prevention and control period to prevent and control the epidemic.  Do a good job, and at the same time go all-out to resume work and production, play a leading role in building a well-off society in an all-round way and speed up the construction of a modern and high-quality city in Weifang, and make new and greater contributions.
The condolences and symposium were held in the video conference room of the Changda Group office building, and Comrade Liu Jianguo presided over the meeting.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Liu Jianguo said that in his speech, Secretary Hui made a high uation of the city's housing construction system and Changda Construction Group, fully affirmed, and also put forward new requirements for the next step.  Liu Jianguo gave the uation of the three "Iron Army" to Changda. He said: We Changda is an iron army that talks about politics. The Weifang Municipal Party Committee and the Weifang Municipal Party Committee and the Weifang Municipal Government will trust Changda with this political task; the second iron army  It is an iron army with a high level of specialization. Changda has the professional ability to undertake such high-standard and high-quality projects; the third iron army is our Changda Group’s strong combat effectiveness, strong execution, tough style, and difficult times.  Speaking of conditions, you can win the fight. Looking back at the time when Chang Zhang was able to get the task and devote himself to the task, that kind of spirit won the whole society, won the trust of the municipal party committee and government, and won the hearts of the whole people.  In the next step, the housing construction system and construction units of the city should continue to carry out political responsibilities as required by Secretary Hui, carry forward the spirit of responsibility, coordinate the work of housing construction system epidemic prevention and economic and social development, and earnestly coordinate to solve the difficult problems encountered by the grassroots.  , Promote in time the typical cases of the front line of anti-epidemic and the front line of production and construction, gather strength, increase confidence, strive to create greater performance, and make new and greater contributions to building a well-off society in an all-round way and accelerating modern high-quality cities.