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Changda real estate reopens Huazhang -- the commencement of phase IV of Taihe Dongjun 220000 square
&Spring is coming back to the world and everything is new. It's the right time to return to work! At 10:18 a.m. on March 9, 2020, the situation of national epidemic prevention and control continued to improve. On Weifang's "official clean-up" day, the fourth phase of Taihe Dongjun project developed by Changda real estate Taihe real estate held a grand and simple commencement ceremony. Jiang Jianlu, deputy general manager of the group and general manager of Taihe Real Estate Co., Ltd., attended the commencement ceremony and attended the activities of unit manager and relevant representatives. &It is reported that the fourth phase of Taihe Dongjun is one of the key development projects of Taihe real estate in 2020. It is another masterwork after the second phase of Taihe Shangzhu. The project is located in the southeast corner of the intersection of Jiankang East Street and Wei'an Road, with a total construction area of 219700 ㎡. It is planned to build 7 18 storey residential buildings, 2 11 storey residential buildings, 1 7 storey residential building, 2 5 storey residential buildings, 1 25 storey residential building and 2 22 storey office buildings. The project is located in a unique geographical position. It is adjacent to Zhuhe Ecological Wetland Park in the East, the government circle of Weifang High tech Zone known as the core of new government affairs in the east of Weifang, and the centralized office circle of Changda square, high tech business district and other large enterprises. The area is rich in resources of famous schools. Zhiye kindergarten, high tech experimental school and new No. 1 middle school are all located in a convenient education circle of about 2 kilometers. There are Gu Demao, free trade zone shopping mall, Huadu furniture, high tech people's Hospital, Weifang sunshine integration hospital and other medical supporting service institutions around It can be described as an ideal city for living.         Under the guidance of the development concept of "Changda real estate - better life", Taihe real estate will continue to uphold the craftsmanship spirit of continuous improvement, and strive to build the four phases of Taihe Dongjun project into a high-quality life with high taste, complete supporting facilities, good quality and satisfaction of the owners in accordance with the four high standards of "high starting point planning, high-level design, high-quality construction and high-standard management" District, and then continue the "Changda hardcover" sales legend and market reputation.