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Changda real estate -- the grand delivery of China Summer Palace makes the owner happy and "home" fa
"The grass grows in Mengxia, and the flowers bloom in May; the mountains and rivers are intact, and all things coexist.". After nearly three years of painstaking work, in the urban recovery of epidemic prevention and control, on May 6, 2020, in the eagerness of more than 1200 owners, the project of the summer palace, which was completed by Changda real estate Taihe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Changda construction group, has received a grand delivery. The whole situation has been presented and the real chapter has been learned. The project is located in the southeast of Weifang High tech Zone, which is high in the South and low in the north. In the north, it is adjacent to the high tech branch of Weifang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, known as the largest Xinglin island in Shandong Peninsula. In the East, it is along the middle Weixian Road, the urban expressway running through the South and the north. In the west, it is adjacent to Fenghuang school and the top store of zhongbaijia Lejia. It is surrounded by Weifang No.1 middle school, high tech experimental school, Hansheng international school and other high-quality education resources It has a full range of high-end communities, such as Taihe Shangzhu. The total planned building area of the project is 313274 ㎡, the plot ratio is 2.0, the building density is 21%, and the green space ratio is 31%. There are 14 high-rise residential buildings and 21 multi-storey residential buildings with elevators. With its unique geographical advantages and Changda's development quality, since the opening of the market, the customer attention and visit volume of the community has continued to increase, which has the potential of the whole city's rush to purchase and collect, and the day of selling out is just around the corner. Despite the impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the construction site has been delayed for more than a month. But in order to achieve high-quality delivery on time, the project group insisted on "grasping epidemic prevention and grasping production at the same time", and actively resumed production, resumed production and reached production, and worked overtime to catch up with the progress. Finally, the contract delivery date was two months ahead of schedule. At the same time, in order to ensure the delivery of new houses in the epidemic prevention and control, Taihe Real Estate Co., Ltd. has carefully formulated the delivery plan, extended the delivery cycle, diluted the site personnel, done a good job in killing and protection, and provided the owner with a comprehensive security guarantee. Ms. Wang, the owner of the site who just completed the handover formalities, said happily, "I didn't expect to get the new house key in advance under this situation, which was very unexpected and very gratifying. This is also the reason why we chose to buy the house developed and constructed by Changda at the beginning, which is reliable and guaranteed!" &The products of Changda must be excellent. The Chinese Summer Palace project focuses on building "national style house", with elegant architectural style, harmonious and unified visual effect, progressive landscape and vegetation, unique and novel Yongquan Pavilion, which makes the owner deeply feel the ecological residential model of respecting nature, exquisite layout, pleasant and comfortable, changing scenery, and truly interprets the beautiful concept of "there is scenery in the house, there is house in the scenery". On the day of delivery, Changda delivered a new house and opened a new life. Changda real estate adheres to quality with ingenuity and achieves classics with quality. In every day after delivery, Changda real estate, affiliated to Taihe company, will treat every owner who chooses Changda with meticulous and attentive "butler service" and strive to fulfill the promise of better life. above: general manager of Taihe Jiang Jianlu personally visits the site to guide work < br / > < br / >