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The third staff congress of the seventh session of the group and the summary and commendation confer
In May 2020, locust willows will be washed away in the rain, and Cherry Cheese will be tasted. There are many beautiful sentences in ancient times. It's the best to beat spring in summer. In such a season, the group's three staff congresses and 2019 annual summary and commendation conference were held in the conference center of Weifang Lutai Convention and Exhibition Center. Chinese NPC and CPPCC China novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common practice. The two sessions of the group are usually held on the first Saturday of March. But in 2020, China and the world were changed by the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia. By early May, although the spread and spread of overseas epidemic had not been effectively curbed, the Chinese people's strong war led by the Chinese Communist Party and the people's war of the whole nation started the epidemic prevention and control. , the general war and the resistance war have demonstrated China's strength, spirit and efficiency, won the periodical victory in the epidemic prevention and control work, and the epidemic prevention work has entered the normal control state. It is under such conditions that the two sessions of the group can be held. In Weifang on May 9, with the fragrance of locust flowers and the shade of willow trees, there is a Mengxia scenery. The scale wave and silver glow of Lutai Convention and Exhibition Center, and the dome in the conference center hall is bright. At 9 a.m., the meeting officially began. Xu pengqiang, Zhu Jiuzhou, mu Naijie, Jiang Jianlu, Yan Peng, Fang Hai, Liu Yanbing, Zhang Xuezhi and Wu Jie, the leaders of the group's senior management, attended the meeting and took their seats at the rostrum. There were 309 staff representatives and non voting representatives of the seventh session of the group, middle-level managers of the group, advanced collective representatives and advanced individuals recognized in 2019 and all staff of the headquarters attended the meeting. According to the agenda of the meeting, the third session of the seventh staff congress of the group was held first, with 141 staff representatives of the seventh session and 4 non voting representatives attending, and 164 middle-level, headquarters and honorees of the group attending. At the meeting, Zhu Jiuzhou, general manager of the group, made a report on the work of the group company, and Zhang Xuezhi, financial director, was entrusted by the general manager to make a report on the financial final accounts of the group company in 2019 and the financial budget plan in 2020. The company's work report made by general manager Zhu Jiuzhou reviewed the work in 2019 from ten aspects. First, each index set a new record again; second, the fund management achieved remarkable results; third, the market operation achieved fruitful results; fourth, the brand construction continued to increase; fifth, the production scheduling was strengthened comprehensively; sixth, the basic management was steadily promoted; seventh, the development of prefabricated buildings accelerated; Eighth, the real estate transformation Key progress has been made in upgrading; Ninth, the development of diversified businesses has been accelerated; tenth, the construction of the party and the construction of corporate culture under the leadership of the party have been continuously strengthened. In 2020, the report made a comprehensive deployment from 11 aspects. First, do a good job in the strategic planning and deployment of new stage development, and comprehensively enhance the group's development potential; second, strengthen project cost management, and comprehensively improve the group's market competitiveness; third, build the group's development sub center, and comprehensively improve the group's market development ability; fourth, strengthen quality management and scientific and technological innovation, and comprehensively improve the group's innovation and development ability; fifth, strengthen construction and production Management, to comprehensively improve the group's production efficiency; sixth, to continuously strengthen capital control, to comprehensively improve the group's construction capacity; seventh, to accelerate the pace of real estate transformation and upgrading, to comprehensively improve the group's real estate development speed; Eighth, to vigorously promote assembly construction, to comprehensively improve the group's industry leading level; Ninth, to accelerate the development of diversified businesses, to comprehensively improve the group's integrated operation capacity ; tenth, we should focus on the construction of talent team and comprehensively improve the strength of human resources of the group; eleventh, we should strengthen the construction of corporate culture under the guidance of the party construction work and comprehensively improve the endogenous power of the group's development. Zhu Jiuzhou, general manager of the group and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, read out the commendation notice at the subsequent 2019 annual summary and commendation conference. The main honors and economic and technological achievements obtained by the group in 2019 were reported; 24 advanced collectives and 138 advanced individuals were commended. Finally, Xu pengqiang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group made an important speech. Warm congratulations and heartfelt thanks were extended to the advanced units and individuals who were praised by the group, and high respect was paid to the team of the rebel during the epidemic prevention and control. Then, from eight aspects of deployment work, put forward requirements. First, it is about strategic thinking of "Centennial Changda". Second, on the situation, objectives and tasks. Third, the issue of scientific and technological innovation. Fourth, the spirit and style of Changda. Fifth, the issue of building supply chain ecosystem. Six is about the market in Qingdao. The seventh is about the annual activity of project cost management. Eighth, the construction of human resources. Call for the meeting: let's seize the time affected by the epidemic with the spirit of seize the day and never lose the youth, and work hard together. The more difficult it is, the more forward it is, and strive to exceed the target of the whole year! The meeting was presided over by mu Naijie, chairman of the trade union, chairman of the board of supervisors and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the group company. At 11:58 a.m., the General Assembly successfully completed its agenda and concluded with the solemn sound of the national anthem. 徐總1.JPG