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Clarify responsibilities, optimize processes and build a platform together -- the group headquarters
&In accordance with the group's annual training plan outline, from May 6 to 7, 2017 and from May 13 to 14, 2017, the group headquarters successfully implemented two batches of Outward Bound training, completed various scheduled tasks and achieved the expected training objectives.     In the course design, the expansion training of the headquarters focuses on post responsibility, process optimization, and management efficiency improvement. All the projects participated in the training, such as domino co creation, breath power, tree and squirrel, advance and retreat together, performance circle, team beat, etc., all reflect this feature. The ultimate goal is to build a platform for enterprise development and promote the better development of the enterprise.     In order to fully achieve the purpose of expansion, the two batches of the headquarters' expansion have carried out some necessary planning and design in advance. According to the process requirements of modern management, in each link of the expansion activities, special attention has been paid to removing the "partition wall" of the Department, taking the process as the vertical and the responsibility as the horizontal, so that the personnel activities between the disciplines and posts are more like a complete coordinate system More communication, more understanding, more support measures and methods, so that the personnel of different departments and posts can get to know each other more in a short time, adapt to the work coordination and communication between posts with the fastest pace, improve efficiency, flatten management, and build a large platform for enterprise development. From the perspective of the actual effect of expansion, it can be said that it is a small touch and promotion to gradually solve the problems that have been used to and formed in the past, each department is a mountain, all departments are a pagoda like structure, and all things need to be coordinated by the head of the department. In the specific expansion activities, the more focused the investment, the higher the efficiency, and the deeper the participation, the greater the harvest. &According to the group's overall opinion on corporate culture construction in the year, this year is a general expansion training year. In addition to the group headquarters, all grass-roots units and subsidiaries of the group are carrying out development training activities in line with their own characteristics, and the group's training culture is becoming a good tradition to carry forward and inherit.