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The group's "youth civilization" expansion training camp successfully ended with expected results
&May is the sea of flowers; May is the season of youth; May is the festival of young employees. &In accordance with the outline plan of the group's 2017 opinions on Party construction and corporate culture construction, the group's "youth civilization" expansion training camp was organized and implemented from May 24 to 25. From the comprehensive evaluation of the investigation and feedback of the members of the youth civilization participating in the activity, the plan is meticulous, the process is rigorous, the project is suitable, the goal is moderate, the plan is optimized, the participation is active, the activity is warm, the result is brilliant, the result is satisfactory, full of positive energy, and the expected purpose of the activity is achieved. &This activity is sponsored by the Youth League Committee of the group company and hosted by the Fifth Construction Engineering Company of the group. The main body is all the youth civilization numbers of the group. The purpose is to further rejuvenate the spirit of young employees who dare to think, dare to rush, dare to do, dare to try and break through themselves, release youth and build a platform, gather new ideas, accumulate new energy and reserve talents for the future development of the enterprise. &The youth employees participating in this activity cover all the youth civilization numbers of the group, including 2 National Youth Civilization numbers and 4 provincial youth civilization numbers of the group. The 58 youth civilization members who participated in the activity come from all grass-roots units and subsidiaries of the group, and are all excellent representatives of young employees recommended by the party and League organizations of all units. From the setting of activities, it can fully reflect the youth color, youth will, youth guidance and youth expectation, make youth vigorous and shining, and make young employees and enterprises more confident. &As required by the scale setting, each unit is limited to 1-5 participants. However, the participation of the activity shows the team spirit of the activity well, and the activity itself is a big exchange between the group's young employees. According to the participants, the preparation, selection, organization and implementation of all the programs during the cultural activities reflect the characteristics of high efficiency and fashion, which not only shows the team style, but also shows the stunt performance and specialty display of young individuals. &"Youth civilization" of the group has long been a bright name of the enterprise. In fact, in the course of enterprise development, all young civilization brands fight in the form of teams in various aspects of market development, production and operation, enterprise management, enterprise transformation and upgrading, innovation and development. This activity also let people see that young employees of Changda are a generation with connotation, and believe that they will play a better role in the future "Changda intelligent manufacturing". (Group Company Youth League Committee) < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / > < br class ='clear '/ >