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The third badminton competition of the group was held
&The building looks like the sky. The wind and rain are pouring over the kite. It's suspected that the Yellow River is going this way. On the 22nd, a heavy summer rain broke into the hot midsummer. On the 23rd, the wind was fresh and the atmosphere was cool. In such a passionate season, the third badminton competition of "Changda machine cup" of the group was held in 123 gymnasium of Weifang City from June 24 to 25, 2017. More than 200 employees from 21 units of the group participated in the competition. &According to the plan, there are three events in this competition: mixed group and men's and women's singles. After two days of fierce competition, the team of mechanized construction company won the championship, the team of Weifang Municipal company won the second place, and the team of the second company and the third company tied for the third place. The teams that won the fifth to eighth place in the group competition (ranking in no particular order) are: four teams of the fourth company, the fifth company, the seventh company and the labor management office. 41 men's singles players went through the knockout competition, and Tian Sheng from Weifang Municipal company won the championship, Xu Jianqiang from No. 6 company won the second place, and Ma Guozheng from No. 7 company and Xu Zengzhi from Jishi company tied for the third place. The fifth to eighth place in men's singles (ranking in no particular order) are Dou Weishan and Zhang zikang of the second company, Xu Yao of the third company and Liu Xiaoyang of the public management company. After 29 women's singles players were eliminated by drawing lots, LV Yanxia of Jishi company won the championship, Guo Lingyan of labor management department won the second place, Xu Xiaohua of Jishi company and Zhang Nan of Design Institute tied for third place. Women's singles won the fifth to eighth place (ranking in no particular order): three companies Lin Lili, six companies Liu Wei, seven companies Liu Yishan and Yang lining. &In order to reflect fair competition, the organizing committee specially hired 8 professional referees from Weifang Badminton Association to take on the task of competition referees; 16 line referees were selected from all participating units, which created conditions for the fair and just holding of the competition. During the competition, no matter in group competition or in individual competition, the majority of employees carry forward the dedication of fighting for the team, show a good moral fashion and competitive competition state, fight, contribute, be happy and upward, and show the positive energy of growth and development from the beginning to the end. All participating units, giving full play to their own advantages, have conscientiously organized teams, actively participated in, prepared for the war and participated in the competition; the organizing committee has conscientiously organized, actively deployed, carefully coordinated and actively worked to ensure the smooth implementation of the competition. In particular, the majority of post-80s and post-90s employees actively participated in the activities, gathering stronger and broader positive energy in the activities, and reserving new energy for the development of the group while practicing the construction of corporate culture. &To hold large-scale cultural and sports activities is a concrete action for the group to enrich and practice corporate culture construction. In particular, the holding of sports competitions is not only to highlight the team building of enterprises, but also a good cultural heritage. Compared with the previous one, this competition is larger in scale, more standardized in competition, more invested in organization and higher in competition level. The comprehensive evaluation has achieved the expected purpose. At present, the group has been in table tennis, badminton, men's basketball, swimming and other aspects of the implementation of the games. Table tennis competition has reached the sixth, basketball competition has reached the fourth, swimming competition has reached the third. In addition, there will be indefinite cultural and sports activities every year. With the further implementation of these cultural and sports activities, more and more cultural and sports activities will be gradually incorporated into the session management to achieve better corporate culture heritage.