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Weifang "Symposium on exhibition of construction industry development achievements" held in Changda
&In order to support Weifang's construction industry to become stronger and bigger, on the morning of October 11, 2017, Weifang Construction Engineering Office organized the "Symposium on the exhibition of construction industry development results of the whole city" in the group's multimedia conference room on the second floor. The participants in this symposium include many leaders of the municipal construction and engineering office, relevant principals of the municipal construction industry association, directors of Shouguang City, Zhucheng City, Anqiu City and Qingzhou City, which are listed in the top 10 counties of the construction industry in the province, relevant leaders of three top 30 enterprises in the Province, including the group, and 12 chief journalists and people's day from Weifang daily, Weifang TV station Newspaper, mass news network and other news media in Weifang station, and so on. Mu Naijie, the leader in charge of the group, attended the meeting and made an exchange speech. &At the meeting, two documents, Shandong housing and urban rural development department, Shandong Provincial Bureau of Statistics' notice on publishing the ranking of top 5 cities, top 10 counties and top 30 enterprises in Shandong construction industry in 2016 'and Weifang Municipal People's government's opinion on strengthening the reform and development of construction industry, were read out, and the basic situation of the development of construction industry in our city was reported. Mr. mu Naijie, the leader in charge of the group, made an exchange speech entitled "quality building, brand Changda"; at the meeting, the group's image propaganda film "national craftsman model · Changda construction" was also broadcast to the participants. &Through this form of information release and discussion and exchange, the invited news media reporters felt the good situation of Weifang construction industry development more intuitively, and expressed that they should respond to the call of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, report the good situation and good practices of the construction industry development in Weifang comprehensively, accurately and more widely. &During the meeting, participants also visited the group's corporate exhibition hall, architectural history museum and the "68th anniversary of the national day, welcoming the 19th national congress" calligraphy and painting exhibition.